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Center for Clinical Research & Innovation

The Center for Clinical Research and Innovation at Bukhara State Medical University is multidiciplinary collaborative action in research, education and innovaion.  Our aim is to work collaboratively with experts in healthcare, medical science, management of innovation and to improve our current practices impact the output of academic clinical and transitional research initiatives and then to design and implement changes in practice to improve healthcare outcomes.

Our Mission  

Develop a platform to increase new collaborations and support innovation and groundbreaking discoveries. Promote strong relationships with local and international partners and donors to optimize and ensure interprofessional collaborations and opportunities for addressing healthcare research in Uzbekistan. 

Our Values

Collaboration. Excellence. Integrity


The Center for Clinical Research assists faculty in designing and completing studies to assess new treatments and to improve patient health outcomes 

Examining Blood Sample


Conducting research that has the potential to improve health care and  supporting investigators involved in clinical research as well as health outcomes and health services research. 

Team of Industrial Engineers


Mentoring healthcare providers and program trainees. Facilitating peer-to-peer learning and sharing of best knowledge. 

Robotic Lab Assistant


Innovating clinical and translational science, and training the next generation of researchers.


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Clinical and Transional Research

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